Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

Pokemon Quetzal cheats are special codes and shortcuts that enhance your experience in the Pokemon Quetzal game, a multiplayer remake of Pokemon Emerald created by TennmaRH.

These cheats provide advantages like unlocking items and progressing faster. To activate cheats, you’ll need to enable cheats mode. Enjoy an amplified adventure in Pokemon Quetzal using these cheats to your advantage.

How to Use Pokemon Quetzal Cheats

Step 1: Start Pokemon Quetzal

Step 2: Choose “Cheats” mode in-game

Step 3: Begin a new game

Step 4: Once the game starts, access the Start menu

Step 5: Navigate to “Misc” from options like Pokemon, Save, Option, Bag, Ash, MPlayer, and Misc

Step 6: Click “Cheats” from the four misc options

Step 7: Now utilize cheats and progress swiftly in the game


1. Unreal System Time: The game clock begins on March 21, 2010, referencing Pokemon’s original timeline.

2. Full-Color Enhancement: The game world is vividly coloured for an immersive experience.

3. Altered Environments: Explore modified areas that differ from their original counterparts.

4. Fresh Soundtracks: Enjoy new and customized soundtracks throughout the game.

5. Rare Pokemon Events: Join special events to encounter elusive Hoenn Pokémon, including Starters and Legendaries.

Additional Information

Cheat NamePokemon Quetzal
Based onPokemon Emerald


Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 2
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 3
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 4
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 5
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats 1
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 3
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 4
Pokemon Quetzal Cheats screenshots 5
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Types of Cheats Players Can Use In Pokemon Quetzal?

In Pokemon Quetzal, you’ll find four cheat categories: Utilities, Flags, Variables, and Give X. Let’s take a quick look at each of these:


Players can access helpful features to streamline their gameplay in the Utilities section of Pokemon Quetzal Cheats. The “Heal Party” cheat offers the convenience of instantly restoring your Pokemon’s health and vitality, ensuring they’re always ready for battle.

The “Fly/Teleport” option also empowers players to effortlessly traverse the expansive in-game map by teleporting to different locations. This can be a game-changer for efficient exploration and quick travel.

Flags & Variables

Under this category, Flags and Variables cheat provide a range of intriguing possibilities. Players can modify their in-game experience by obtaining Gym badges, influencing encounters, and manipulating specific game flags. These cheats grant you the power to tailor your journey, enabling you to progress and interact with the game world in unique ways.

Moreover, the Flags & Variables category allows for the adjustment of different settings, allowing you to personalize your adventure according to your preferences.

Give X

The “Give X” category introduces some of the most impactful cheats in Pokemon Quetzal. With the “Give Item” cheat, players can instantly acquire any desired item by inputting the appropriate code. For those seeking a comprehensive inventory, the “Fill Bag” option is available to gather all items within the game swiftly.

The “Pkm (lvl)” cheat also enables you to summon Pokemon of your choice at any level. In contrast, the “Pkm (l,s,n,a,IV,mov)” cheat lets you customize various attributes of your chosen Pokemon, such as its Shiny status and nature.

Other cheats in this category include “Max Money,” which provides an abundance of in-game currency, and “Fill PC and Eggs,” which efficiently populates your PC storage with either Pokemon or Eggs based on your preference.

Explore each category’s diverse range of cheats to elevate your gameplay experience in Pokemon Quetzal.

Pokemon Quetzal Cheats Gameplay


In Pokemon Quetzal, cheats enhance your journey in this multiplayer reimagining of Pokemon Emerald. These cheats grant advantages, from item unlocks to expedited progress. By activating cheats mode, you open doors to an enriched adventure.

With distinct categories like Utilities, Flags, Variables, and Give X, the game offers a colorful array of enhancements. Embrace these cheats to embark on a captivating and accelerated Pokemon Quetzal experience.